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EMF Balancing Technique®
EMF Balancing
  I am passionate about this work...  
  ... it has changed my life and the lives of all I touch.

It is why I am here on this planet at this time. I believe the EMF Balancing Technique® is a powerful tool for humanity to use in consciously managing their evolution.

It is my joyful privilege to offer myself as a teacher and practitioner so that you may also experience yourself in your wholeness as you co-create new realities for yourself.
  In late 2003 a newspaper I was putting in the garbage literally fell open at an article about the EMF Balancing Technique®. I went along for one session and my life was changed forever.

I wasn't consciously looking to train in an energy modality but as I activated latent abilities and talents within my energy field it all just flowed as I stepped into my power. After my first session I knew something deep within me had changed and by the time I had my third session I knew with certainty that I wanted to be a practitioner in this modality - that this was important work. However there were so many reasons I kept finding to put it off, not the least being I run my husband's busy Plumbing business and wondered where I would find time for all this extra work.

Then I had my fourth session, this one is the one where the area in our Energy Field which holds our Future Potential is amplified and before I knew it I had picked up the phone to book my training as an Accredited Practitioner in
Phases I – IV. By late 2005 I had trained in Phases V – VIII and in mid 2008 I travelled to Sedona in Arizona to train in the very first class for Phases IX – XII. In November 2008 I completed my training as a Supervisory Teacher in Phases I – IV. Co-creating change became easy and I have left the minor details to the Universe to sort for me.

I have a background in teaching, having been a Primary School Teacher before I had my three children and for a short time when they were all at school. It was around this time I developed Chronic Fatigue and had to give up the teaching. I could have no way of knowing then that this was to be the beginning of my journey into discovering myself in my "Wholeness". I trained in Holistic Pulsing, Reiki and as an ENAR therapist in my quest for perfect health. What wonderful modalities these all are and I thank each one for the part they played in my journey of self discovery.

It wasn't until I discovered EMF Balancing that I finally understood the only person who could heal me was me. Through taking self responsibility for myself as I co-created my new reality I was able to evolve into a whole and incredibly healthy human being.

"I have had several EMF balancing sessions with Lisa and she is a remarkable practitioner. I feel very safe in her presence and she always carries out balancing in a very warm and professional manner. Lisa is a person whom I describe as a Master who walks her talk."
-- Sonna-Ra Kavanagh

"For me, training as an EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner is choosing to awaken to my full potential and to honour myself, my family and Humanity in a powerful way. Lisa you have guided me through this process in a professional and loving manner and you have supported me so perfectly. My life with four children is so busy and you are very mindful of my individual needs and offer me encouragement when I need it. Thanks for joining me on this journey to becoming an EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner. You are a skilled and talented teacher."
-- Robin Bull
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