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EMF Balancing Technique®
EMF Balancing
  EMF Balancing
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An EMF Balancing Technique® session is an experience of one's own electromagnetic energy field.

  The Basics of the EMF Balancing Technique®

The basic intent of an EMF Balancing session is to balance and strengthen the part of the human electromagnetic field called the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) to open as many circuits as possible to universal energy source, thus allowing you to hold and use more energy.

Basically your energy field is fine tuned. The uniqueness of each person’s personal UCL means that the tuning taking place is unique to each individual.

There is no diagnosis by the Practitioner, the energy is self-balancing and self-regulating and the results are always according to your Inner Wisdom as to what you most need at the time. As the fibres within your field are activated a rewiring occurs and a new electro magnetic order is created within your energy field allowing a stronger structure, raising your personal electrical charge and in so doing unlocking your potential.

There is often a dramatic increase in the success of co-creation as a result.
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