Inner Essence Wisdom
EMF Balancing Technique®
EMF Balancing

We are all energy, timeless and infinite.

Are you ready and willing to take charge of the energies in your daily life?

The energy of old ways no longer serve you, food, cigarettes, drugs, relationships...

Are you willing to live a life of greater freedom?

Do you have challenges in your life that you would like to shift?


During a Reflections session you will learn how to mange your most precious resource - your own personal energy and create change in your life.

During a Reflections session you work directly with the energy of your challenges, creating a clear, powerful, focused statement of intent. Reflecting the energy of your wholeness during the session helps you to manifest your intent in your daily life.

Science is now telling us it takes 30 days for our bodies to change at a deep level. So over the next 33 days after your session you practice affirming your intent from your Reflections session and create change in your life.

Session Costs $50.00

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